Daniel DeLapp, DC, LAc, ND

Dr. Daniel DeLapp is a chiropractic physician, a licensed acupuncturist and a naturopathic physician. He has been a clinical provider in the University of Western States clinic system for more than 25 years.

In his practice, natural therapies such as manipulation, massage, nutritional and herbal remedies, physical rehab and lifestyle modification are utilized as the foundation for care. When appropriate, prescription pharmaceuticals and acupuncture are also used. Dr. DeLapp has a strong core belief that if the body is properly nourished with food, water, air and exercise it will maintain its inherent ability to heal itself, restore health and ward off disease.

Dr. DeLapp attempts to practice what he preaches by living with his family on a 24-acre organic farm.


Franchesca Vermillion, DC

Franchesca Vermillion, DC, hails from Western New York. She received her undergraduate degree in molecular biology from the University of Denver. It was during this time that she fell in love with micronutrients and how they work in the body. She is passionate about making sure the body has all of the nutrition requirements it needs to function well.

Dr. Vermillion attended University of Western States receiving her doctorate of chiropractic degree in 2006. She loves the human body and trying to figure out how to make a sore region work optimally again. In the ten years she has been in practice, she has worked with patients who are dealing with everything, ranging from chronic pain to top athletes looking to improve their personal records. She loves to work on extremity problems and help people find ways to be active and healthy again.

In Dr. Vermillion’s free time, she explores the city with her husband and two step sons, hangs out at the dog park with her two small dogs, lifts weights and ponders indoor gardening.


Fran Rodriguez, LMT

Fran Rodriguez, LMT

Fran Rodriguez, LMT, attended the massage therapy program at the East West Massage School of Portland and graduated from the program in 2005. Rodriguez is a well-rounded massage therapist with advanced skills in many types of massage including, but not limited to: relaxation, trigger point, sports, Bowen technique, deep tissue, cranial sacral, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and Myofascial release. Her goal is to convey that massage is the best thing an individual can do for themselves, and someday she would like to teach future massage therapists.

Rodriguez is originally from Hawaii. In her free time, she enjoys painting, hiking and running marathons.


Andrew Daquiz, LMT